Why Didn’t My Express Email Process During Overnight Processing?

There are a number of reasons why your emails may not have processed overnight. Here are a few things to check before contacting QuikStor Technical Support:

  1. Is your Internet account correctly configured?
  • Confirm that your e-mail and Internet work OUTSIDE of the QuikStor program (using your email client and web browser).  Try to send an email from your email client to where you are sending the backup or Daily Report to see if it gets to them correctly.
  1. Is Internet Setup in Express configured properly? (File -> Internet Setup).
  • Confirm that you have a facility e-mail address, an SMTP server name, and an account name in the appropriate fields.  If desired, also check to make sure the “Send Database Backup to Outbox during Overnight” or “Send Daily Report to Outbox during Overnight” has a check in the appropriate spaces, with recipient’s e-mail addresses properly entered.
  • If there are quite a few in here, this would show that there has been a problem sending backups for a longer period of time than just the one day.
    • One reason for this could be the email server you are sending these backups to is full (i.e. if you have a large backup, 2 or 3 days of backups without the person you are sending it to checking their e-mail (and downloading their messages) will fill their mailbox’s allotment preventing you from sending anything until this is done).  You can click the Purge Current List button to clear all pending emails and start again if you wish.
    • Conversely, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may not allow large files to be attached to outgoing emails.  Contact your ISP to verify if you think this might be the case.  If it is, you will have to either reconsider the importance of emailing data backups or consider changing Internet providers
  • If the problem you are having is with sending bills, etc to a specific tenant, and other tenants are processing correctly, then it could be that their email and email information are not set up correctly. Verify their email address is entered in their Tenant Tab, and that their Destination Options are set email.
  1. Are there multiple backups in the Outbox? (Tools -> E-mail -> Outbox).
  1. Is the tenant’s information correctly configured to send e-mail? (Tenant -> Change Info)

If after going through all of the above procedures you still are experiencing problems with sending email during your overnight processing, or manually through QuikStor Express, please contact QuikStor Technical Support.

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