Wireless System – Final Hardware Checklist

Before going into the software section of the wireless alarm setup let’s confirm that all hardware is installed properly.

Below is a basic checklist that will aid you. Please check off each item as it is completed:

  • All magnets are properly installed on the unit doors
  • All sensors are installed on the correct unit numbers, properly aligned and with a 1/2” gap.
  • All repeaters are installed per the equipment layout provided by the QuikStor Installation Department, and powered. You should have a green LED that flashes as it receives signals from nearby sensors.
  • The wireless base station is installed inside the office and properly wired to the UltraConverter. You should have a green LED on the base station that flashes as it receives signals from nearby sensors and repeaters. Additionally you will have an alternating red & green LED flashing on the UltraConverter labeled, “Base Status”.
  • If you are planning to utilize local sirens, you will need to connect a relay board to the keypad network. Please see the Guardian Relay Board Installation Manual for instructions on how to properly connect your relay board and sirens.


April has worked at QuikStor since 2008. As the former technical support manager she is experienced with all QuikStor products. Currently, she works as a sales representative to help storage facilities find solutions with QuikStor. Interested in purchasing software or keypads? Call April today!