Word Processing Variables

Rent Raise Information

Rent Raise Date [LongRaiseDate]
New Rent Amount [NewRent]
New Rent Date [Next Rent Change Date]
New Monthly Amount [New Monthly Total]

Paid To Date

Paid To Date [ShortPTD]
Paid To Date [Nth]
Paid To Date [PaidToDate]
Paid to DAY [TenantPaidToDateDay]

Alternate Information

Alt Name [AlternateName]
Alt Addresss [AlternateAddress]
Alt City [AlternateCity]
Alt State [AlternateState]
Alt Zip [AlternateZIP]
Alt Phone [AlternatePhone]

Tenant Information

Cell Phone [CellPhone]
Email [Email]
Fax [FaxNumber]
Home Phone [HomePhone]
Address [TenantAddress]
City [TenantCity]
Name [TenantName]
Phone [TenantPhone]
State [TenantState]
Unit [TenantUnit]
Unit [TenantUnitNo]
Zipcode [TenantZIP]
Unit [UnitNumber]
Work Phone [WorkPhone]

Rent Information

Rent Due Date (Day) [RentDayOfMonth]
Rent [TenantRent]
Rent Tax [TenantRentTax]
Total Rent Charge [TenantRentTotalCharge]
Rent [Rent]
Monthly Rent [MonthlyRent]
Monthly Charges [MonthlyCharges]
Security Deposit [SecurityDeposit]
Last Paid On [LastPaidOn]
Move-In Date [MoveInDate]
Move-Out Date [Move-Out Date]
Last Rent Raise Date [LastRentRaiseDate]
Move-out Reason [Reason for Move-Out]


Customer Number [Tenant Customer Number]
Others Allowed Access [OthersAllowed]
Amount Due / Month [AmtDueMonthly]
Security Deposit [SecDep]
Lease Number [LeaseNo]
Tenant Company [TenantCompanyExpression]
Tenant Late Charge [TenantLateCharge]
Trimmed Unit # [UnitChain]
Drivers License [LicenseNo]
Social Security # [SocSecNo]
Expected Moveout Date [TenantDataModule. qryTenant.”AVAIL”]

Billing Info

Billing Name [BillingName]
Card Type [CardType]
Card Number [CardNumber]
Card Expiration Date [CardExpirationDate]
Routing Number [RoutingNumber]
Accuont Number [AccountNumber]
Account Type [AccountType]

Balance Information

Paid To Date [TenantPaidToDate]
Last Payment Date [LastPaymentDate]
Additional Income Balance [Addnl Income Cat 5 Balance]
Addt’l Income Bal + Rent [Addnl Inc Cat 5 Balance + Monthly Total]
Tenant Balance [Tenant Balance]
Unit # [Unit Number]

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