Setting up Time Zones in Quikstor Control Panel (Infinity)

Time Zones in the Quikstor Control Panel allow you to set certain hours that your keypad allows access to your facility. Time Zones are fully customizable and there is no limit to how many time zones are able to be added.

To begin, open your Quikstor Control Panel and select Time Zones along the top of the window.

On this screen, you can see your current Time Zones. At the bottom of the screen you will see a Plus and Minus add or delete new time zones, a save button to save your progress, and the fields for your hours.
Please note that time MUST be entered in a 24 hour format.

Time Zones must ALSO be set up within your QSX or Cloud program in order to assign them to tenants.

  • In Quikstor Express, this is done by selecting Settings then Change Gate Setup
  • In Cloud, this is done by selecting Cloud Gate at the top, then Keypads.

If you do not have permissions to change these settings, please reach out to your facility administrator to upgrade your permissions.
Quikstor Support will not update these privileges under any circumstances.